Award winning wedding videography and cartoon company in Singapore. 

The Qing Dynasty <情朝> capture and create timeless journalistic wedding video and wedding cartoon animation that tells story in a stunning visual way. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Wedding Videography
(SDE - Express Highlights)

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Express highlight
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What is your style of videography?

All videography works for The Qing Dynasty are shot and edited by Derrick. Free flowing without much interference on the course of the day. This makes the video more natural looking. Visual are combined with the rhythm of the selected song to make the video engaging. 

What is Express Highlights?

Express highlights is the video that we produced for you on the same day (Same day editing) and broadcast during your banquet. A minimum of 6 hours and 3.5 hours uninterrupted preparation time is required for dinner banquet and lunch banquet respectively.

We are doing luncheon. Can the videographer shoot the ROM and include into the express highlights?

For luncheon, we will need at least 3.5 hours of uninterrupted editing time. Normally we start editing from 9.30am and complete the highlights by 1pm, so that we can continue to shoot the 1st March-in. If your ROM falls between 9.30am and 1pm, we will not be able to free ourselves to shoot the ROM and therefore it is not included in the express highlights also. A second videographer (based on availability) can be arranged, at a cost of $400 for 3 hours, to shoot the ROM and handover the clips to include into the express highlights.

We are doing a dinner banquet. Can the videographer shoot the ROM and include into the express highlights?

We will be able to shoot the ROM if the ROM comes 6 hours after the end of the morning session. The 6 hours include the travelling and editing time of the videographer. Having said that, our videographer will NOT include the ROM clips into the express highlights. This is a risk that we do not wish to take since we do not know any unforeseen circumstances might occur and we always test the video on the projector before the guest are allowed into the banquet hall to feel safe.

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