Portfolio - #1 Singapore Wedding Videography, The Qing Dynasty <情朝>
Award Winning wedding videography and wedding cartoons in Singapore. Discover how The Qing Dynasty helps make your wedding day unforgettable. Read more.
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Poh Siang + Kai Ying

Poh Siang + Kai Ying

To be frank, we did something unthinkable of ourselves. We signed the couple without first meeting them. It’s not a norm that we do that as we always like to set the expectations right before signing up with a couple. Over the course of email, the couple gave us the confidence that says we want to shoot their wedding. Read More.

yitze & sinyee

Yi Tze + Sin Yee

National Day’s eve and what a way to celebrate the jubilee of Singapore’s 50th Anniversary than to get married on this day. A great day to get married and one of the couple that we shot this day is Yi Tze and Sin Yee. We are glad to be of service to the couple. Read More.

Larry + Gene

Choon Long + Gene

When the Choon Long and Gene first enquire about our services, we knew the first thing that we need to do is to get this couple to sign up with us. They have such joyful personality and thoroughly enjoyed our works too. We are so glad that they took up our wedding photography and videography services. Read More.

sonny & mengyue

Sonny + Mengyue

We met the couple several times before confirming on the wedding photography and videography package. They are nice guys but just that our pricing might not be at a favourable position as compared to some of their other vendors. But we are glad that they are comfortable with us and decided to sign with us. Read More.

Stanley and Rosanne

Stanley + Rosanne

We got to know Rosanne when we were doing a corporate cartoon animation for their company. She was one of the coordinator for that project. From that initial meetup and subsequent project for her company, she mentioned about her wedding and after some more meetups, she decided to take up our photography and videography for her wedding. Read More.