Wedding Cartoon Animation Singapore, The Qing Dynasty 情朝
Award Winning wedding videography and wedding cartoons in Singapore. Discover how The Qing Dynasty helps make your wedding day unforgettable. Read more.
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Wedding cartoon animation Singapore


The world of weddings is one of the most creative lifetime events for many people and things never stay the same for long for couples or people in the wedding industry. One of the latest innovations that are changing how people make their wedding memories is the wedding cartoon. This isn’t a cartoon, but a full out animation service that tells your love story. Fully customised, a wedding cartoon love story animation can provide the entertaining for the guests and leaves memories to return to for added joy.


The way we do wedding cartoon



Step 1 :

Since the cartoon is fully customised, we will need your input on the storyline. This is done in the form of a typical storyline which is emailed to you. Typical doesn’t mean you follow the story. It is just something for you to reference and you should follow the format to draft out your own story. Take some time to write out or draw out the story you want your animation to tell. The more detail you can give, the better able we will be able to see it too and reproduce it. Knowing what you want will also allow us to make suggestions on how to make your idea even better.


Step 2 :

The character design are drawn according to the features of your face. This, we require that you submit approximately 3 photos of yourselves and we see which photo are good for us to draw out your design. After which, we email the character design to you and if there is any changes that you need, please kindly let us know which feature and how you want it to be changed. As our designer has tried their best to do up the design, by throwing back the design without any constructive suggestions is not good enough.


Step 3 :

We proceed with the animation production once the storyline and character design has been agreed upon. Once animation production starts, there won’t be any changes allowed to the character design. This is because changing a feature of the character requires changing each and every frame of the animation, which takes a lot of work. The 1st progressive draft (half of animation) is usually ready within 3 weeks.


Step 4 :

We continue with the cartoon animation work and within another 3 weeks the whole production should be completed.


Step 5 :

Voice recording is performed in our office (preferred) or couple can simply record the voice in a quiet place and email to us. iPhone usually are able to make it.





Are you ready for your Big Day?


Each love story is unique. Every ceremony and wedding day deserve the best coverage. The Qing Dynasty <情朝> is grateful to be part of your eternal memories. Your wedding video and cartoon are not just footage. These are some life-changing moments you want to cherish forever. With love and passion we aim to capture your memories.