Singapore - The Qing Dynasty
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All about Singapore

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore is often referred and known as the Lion City or the little red dot. Why do so many people like to come to Singapore? This is because of it’s a financial and transport hub, its multicultural faces and its modern city.

Finance and transport hub

Over the years, Singapore has established herself to be a financial hub and is one of the easiest place to do business and it is the 3rd largest financial centre in the world. Singapore built itself up as a transport hub where many passengers will fly into Singapore to do transit. As for ships, it’s strategic locations makes it simple to load and refill bulks before they carry on with the journey. It took only less than 50 years for the country to become zero to hero. It has been a jewel crown of the world.


Singapore is a multicultural country whereby they have the 4 big races, Chinese, Malay, Eurasian and Indians. Therefore, food is diversify and extensive with wide variety of choices. English language is the first and main language while second languages are a must. Therefore, Singaporeans are bilingual in this sense. This has helped Singaporeans, especially Chinese to be able to travel to China and speaking the language surely helps a lot.

Independence 1965

Singapore gained independence as the Republic of Singapore on 9th August 1965. Led by Mr Lee Kuan Yew, they managed to break off from Malaysia state. Though many problems arises within, he led a good team and brought Singapore peace and prosperity. Singapore is a democratic society.

The Singapore Today

The Singapore today has been something Singaporeans can be proud of. Every year, millions of tourist visits Singapore. Singapore celebrated its Golden jubilee in 2015 – its 50th year of independence. We are all proud of the little red dot.

Flag of Singapore