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Award Winning wedding videography and wedding cartoons in Singapore. Discover how The Qing Dynasty helps make your wedding day unforgettable. Read more.
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All About Videography

What is Videography?

Videography” refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media devices. Most videos nowadays are filmed in High Definition video, technically known as digital video. At The Qing Dynasty, we are currently doing Full High Definition (1920 x 1080) even though we are ahead of the industry by using 4K video cameras. This is because the wedding¬†industry in Singapore is still not yet ready for 4K video.

Resolution and Aspect Ratios

  1. Standard Definition Video (SD) is slowly fading out and High Definition (HD) is more the standard today. Most if not all videographers or cinematographers should already be in HD. If not, you should be thinking why you are still using them.
  2. High Definition (HD) is today’s cutting edge, high quality television and commercials are already shot in this format. High Definition typically provides a higher image quality over Standard Definition video. The next step from this will be 4K recording videos which is approx. 4 times the size of HD video.

Camera and Stuff we use

  1. Camera : We don’t scrimp on the cameras we use. We are already using cutting edge cameras from Sony that are able to shoot 4K video and having a low sensitivity level, able to shoot in low light situation. This is very important since most of our weddings start very early when the day is still dark. Though lights can be used (we still bring along), we prefer not to since it concentrates certain object in this way.
  2. Slider and Tripod : To perform Dolly style videography, we need to move the camera like how you see in hollywood films. The movement needs to be done with a slider mechanically since our hand will still have the up-down movement which is highly undesired. With a slider and tripod, we have steady shots.
  3. Stabilizer : We use stabilizer to have steady shots while we are moving around. Some scenes that you saw where we turn circles around couples are done with a stabilizer.

Audio Operation

Audio though might sound second class to video in videography but it is very important to have a clear and crisp audio especially the vows that are spoken out during matrimony or church wedding. We use sound recorder to ‘suck’ out the audio from the mixer in the venue. This take extra effort and time in linking up with the audio engineer at the venue. Just try to listen to some of our videos to see the difference.

So as you can see, we bring such tools to you at a minimum and affordable pricing. Nevermind about the hassle, we just love to give you a great video. We not only cover weddings in Singapore but we also do so abroad.