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Wedding Matrimony

Marriage, also known as matrimony is the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life. The above sounds simple and are made know to wedding couples before they take their wedding vows to each other.

Types of Wedding Ceremony in Singapore

In Singapore, there are a few religions and ethnics. Therefore the wedding ceremony ranges according to the races and religion of each. At The Qing Dynasty, we do wedding videography and photography mostly for the Chinese. There’s no discrimination, just that we are more comfortable with that. In short, the different types of ceremony :-

  1. Chinese customary wedding
  2. Malay customary wedding
  3. Indian customary wedding
  4. Sikh wedding
  5. Church wedding

Chinese Customary Wedding

For Chinese wedding, there are also a few different types of do-hows. But nowadays, the flow of the day should still be the same. There will still be the groom coming over to fetch the bride back to his place. But before that, he may need to go through some games aka gatecrashing. After that, he will bring her over to his house for the tea ceremony to the groom’s parents. The bride will change out of her white gown into a Kwa and off they go to the bride’s place to do the tea ceremony to the bride’s parents. It will then be a luncheon or dinner banquet to bring the happiness to the couple.

Some Chinese weddings will be in a church where the couple has served the lord. This usually starts with the march-in of the bride with her father, giving of hand over to the groom, starts with 3 songs, some preaching, vows from the couple. The official matrimony will be done at the church.

The Qing Dynasty Singapore has been covering videography and photography for the Chinese and Church weddings for years and will be able to offer advises to couples who need help in preparing for their wedding.